Ogre Game Kit


This yet unannounced project of mine is one I’m really excited about.  Ever since participating in multiple speed games using various engines I’ve wanted to make my own simple game engine kit using OGRE and so OGRE GAME KIT was born.

Everyone likes goals right? Here’s some goals.

  1. Keep it simple
  2. Open source all the way
  3. Easy to get started using Visual Studio or XCode
  4. Runs on Windows, OSX, iOS and Android
  5. Support assets created in Blender3D
  6. Support hot coding via some popular scripting language like LUA
  7. Templates for common game types, like RPG adventure, flight sim, space, side scroller, first person shooter
  8. Don’t get rich quick, keep it FREE

Have a look at the current state of development:

  • OSX project COMPLETE
  • iOS project COMPLETE
  • Simple Audio COMPLETE
  • Simple level import COMPLETE
  • Simple scene transitions COMPLETE
  • Windows project
  • iOS 8 compatibility (64bit) IN PROGRESS

Seen enough?  Grab the code on GitHub to check it out: