Ludum Dare 26

Ludum Dare 26 Entry – Puzzle Cube

Ludum Dare 26 – PuzzleCube

I decided to enter into the 48 compo Ludum Dare 26 challenge where you make a theme-based game in 48 hours.  The theme was minimalism, and I was going to apply that to my game by making the game simple and the look simple too – never did get around to audio.
You can download/play the game on Windows or OSX (sorry Linux) here:
It’s a simple puzzle game where you try to get the ball to the top of the cube by maneuvering it around and through the cube.  Also the rows of the cube rotate, though in this version they don’t really work as intended and the player does not move with the rotated rows.
The game was built with Ogre3D in Visual Studio 2010.
I also live streamed my 5-6 hours of game dev on twitch here:

Since then I have converted the game to iOS for touch devices and implemented most of the missing features, so that may be released as a free or cheap game soon.  Here’s a screenshot of the iOS version, still needs lots of luv, but it does have sound, rotating levels, infinite random levels and animations for all the movement.
iOS version

OGE & Planet Stuff

I haven’t touched this in a while since becoming frustrated with the stuttering issues.  I did make that physics sample that only has grid lines in it and when moving around the stuttering happens even in that minimal program.  I haven’t been able to solve it yet and got preoccupied with working on our other iOS game and client work.
Here’s a couple updated screenshots of our iOS game with the new characters and graphics
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